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Writing Squad Workouts

Please try our revolutionary Workouts with Training Paces V2 software which is a free 1 month trial .

The help videos, will get you up and running very quickly and producing workouts in no time at all.

The Athletes mode is best used with lane swimmers of the same or similar ability's as it calculates pace & training times based on actual personal best times that have been swum in a competition.

In group mode you can select a suitable setting for each different group using the same workout with small adjustments

Workouts are produced using complex algorithms by selecting different energy systems such as A1, A2, A3, AT,  VO2 max, Lactate tolerance, Lactate production, and SP training.

You may need to adjust your browser to view the program correctly. 

The Version 2 is available by selecting the software page and clicking the download button and registering the software for a free one month trial and then we will send you an email to upgrade to the full version which is only USD 15 per year.

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