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Baby Swimming plays one of the most important roles of basic survivor skills and is simply the most beautiful way to have a special bond with your child.

Unlike any other activities or sports with age limits, swimming is the only one you can both participate, as young as 3 months. Aiming the parent to be protector, life safer, teacher and that your child could save themselves from drowning if in danger by 36 months. 

age from 
 4years old

We are committed to;-

  1. Building up confidence

  2. Creating love for the water

  3. Comfort and support both for baby and parent

  4. Inculcate memorable experiences and happy participation 

Baby & Parent Swimming maximizes benefits to your child in terms of development including sensory, cognitive, verbal & non verbal communication, learning skills, motor skills, with love for the sport and most of all having fun!

Give your child the very best and start with us today!


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Seahorse 1:  3 - 6  months old

Introduce to water, verbal commands, submerging, physical breathing and mobility skills. 

Seahorse 2:  6 - 12 months old

Accept water submerging for 3 seconds and able to merge basic commands. Life saving  beginner skills. Floating with or without support. 

Seahorse 3:  12 - 18  months old

Submerge on command whilst holding breath max 5 seconds. Float on back with or without support. Propel multiple motor skills. Improve on life saving skills.



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Seahorse 4:  18 - 24  months old

Submerge from seating or standing. Blow bubbles.

Propel strong & fast kicks together with arm cycle introduction. Survival skills.

Seahorse 5: 24 - 36 months old

Strengthen propulsion by using kick and arm cycle in  longer distances. Swim short distance without support. Head and body positioning, Breath control and blow bubbles habitually. Talent reveals.

Seahorse 6:  36 + months old

Swim with more confidence. Freestyle beginner combining perfect head & body position, blowing bubbles, breath techniques and introducing arm cycle on a kick board. Swim on back with great body and head position.



    WHY Seahorse?

Seahorse is tiny but most adorable sea creature in the ocean, is a low swimmer but effective compared to its size.

Just like our babies!

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