Satit Bangna

This meet was a little different as it was part of our training program which means that the swimmers were attending under load (tired from normal training) I thought I knew what the outcome would be, but it was better than what I anticipated :)

Unfortunately we had a few swimmers had to pull out for various reasons but the rest put on a great show.....

100% PB's with all the regional swimmers having personal best times with Vince AKA the flying Dutchman just missing the Gold with a 69second 100m Backstroke having to be careful not to do too much damage to his shoulder muscles which are under repair... Queenie back on track with a trophie and 6 out of 7 Pb's with a close miss on her 100m breaststroke which will come soon. Gwang our senior swimmer putting up some good racing beating her Competitors to the finish..

Then comes Miki who also put up some good swims and podium places with the best swim coming from A Silver in the 100m Breaststroke.

Some new youngsters trying their hand at the long course races, JJ who swam some strong races with tough competition, and his younger sister Nana who also looks promising doing good streamlining. The man of the match is Tatan (pictured below) who took his first medal with many to come in future events.