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Blitz Children's Day Meet

Happy children's day in Thailand, We brought our team to Blitz children's day competition. This time we took 15 swimmers in total, for some of them it was their first swimming competition.

The new ones were Haley,Benson,Eddie,Momay,Millin,Jayden, and Lele.

At the end of the competition everyone had won a medal but most of all it was the experience that was most beneficial.

Swimmer of the meet was coach Tae's choice and it was Queenie who had achieved a full set of PB's which included 2 Gold medals and 3 silver medals.

Next in line was both Tito and Vince who achieved 5 out of 6 PB's in their races.

This competition rewarded the top 10 performers with a trophy and all of our Regional swimmers took a trophy home....



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