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We at GSA provide a wide range of services which include mother & baby classes,

learn to swim programme, squad training programme, masters programme, and

coming soon aqua aerobics classes.



Parent & Baby Classes

Learn To Swim

Our parent and baby classes has 6 levels; Seahorse 1 - 6 divided by ages start from  3 to 36+ months. Our ‘GSA pathway starts here from Babies > LTS > Squad. Every child/baby taught at GSA will naturally have a love for swimming as all our teachers/coaches passion, and love for swimming will shine through.

At GSA we believe in teaching every child in a loving and caring environment. We have 8 levels; Turtles 1-4 and Dolphins 1-4. Our ‘GSA pathway’ from LTS to squad is achieved here once finishing Dolphins 4.



Squad Training

Masters Swimming

The squad training programme is a pathway of progress, starting with Pre-Squad which undertake 100% technical training. It then moves to Pre-White which continue the technical work but do double the distance. The White Squad experience some race pace work & aerobic base. Red Squad start to learn how to aerobically overload whilst Black Squad train anaerobic threshold. County Squad will increase their threshold training, whilst Regional squad will touch on VO2 max training & pace work.


All of these age group programmes will work on the four competitive strokes, as our philosophy is not to specialize in strokes whilst they are still growing.

Masters swimming is not only a way of keeping in good shape but also a pathway to keep you competing at a level equivalent to your own ability. It is a great way to keep active whilst challenging yourself. Technique can still be learned and improved fitness means faster swimming. all this with the prospect of joining the younger ones in representing the club in competitions.

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